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Allegheny Township

Emergency Services

Allegheny Township Emergency Services


NOTE:   Dial 911 in any emergency situation.

Fire Protection

There are four area fire departments that may respond to large calls in Allegheny Township:

•  Allegheny Township Fire Department
•  Lakemont Fire Department
•  Duncansville Fire Department
•  Hollidaysburg Fire Department


Of these departments, Allegheny Township Fire Department responds to a majority of the calls. The other departments will respond to some automatic alarms or requests for assistance from the Allegheny Township Fire Department.

Allegheny Township Fire Department

The Allegheny Township Volunteer Fire Department has 40 members, both full-time and part-time.  They operate out of two stations; Canan Station located on Sugar Run Road, and the Foot of Ten/Mill Road Station.  Operating out of two stations allows the department a quicker response time in order to provide better protection to our community and businesses.

Allegheny Township Fire Department


The department responds to approximately 500 emergency calls per year.  In addition to responding to emergency calls, another priority is to provide fire protection education to local and surrounding elementary schools.  They have a fire prevention smoke trailer available for demonstrations.


The Chief Officers are:

•  Chief: Matt Colyer
•  Deputy Chief: John Reed
•  Asst Chief: Todd Glunt
•  Asst Chief: Scott Richardson
•  Captain: Dave Cassidy
•  Captain:  Tim Campolong


The Allegheny Township Volunteer Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their donations and continued support.

Allegheny Township Fire Department is located at 651 Sugar Run Road, and can be reached at 814-944-6304.

Please remember that if you pay your taxes in Allegheny Township, your fire department is the Allegheny Township Fire Department.


Duncansville EMS

In 1951, the Duncansville EMS was formed and met in the town’s fire hall. Their first vehicle was a hearse. As of October 2001, the Duncansville EMS had their own station around the corner from the Duncansville Fire Hall and a substation located on Route 220 North. Existing EMS equipment and staff include:

•  Four ambulances each equipped with advanced equipment
•  9 full time employees
•  25 part time employees and several active volunteers

Duncansville currently has a mutual aid agreement with the Altoona Mobile Emergency Department (AMED). In 2001 and 2005, Duncansville EMS purchased two new ambulances and new equipment, as it was needed to stock all four units up to state licensure standards. Duncansville EMS receives in excess of 2500 calls annually (including all transports and non-patient transports).

The Duncansville EMS is located at 1934 Old Route 220 in Duncansville, and can be reached at 814-696-6090.

Altoona Mobile Emergency Department (AMED)

AMED was formed in March of 1969 by Altoona and Mercy Hospitals. An ambulance was located at each facility and the hospitals shared the cost of operation. The creation of AMED was a mission by both facilities to improve ambulance service and emergency care in the Altoona area.  Presently, AMED equipment and staff is as follows:


•  AMED employs 62 EMT’s and Paramedics
•  Ten ambulances
•  Five wheelchair vans
•  One mass casualty trailer
•  One command vehicle


AMED responds to in excess of 12,000 incidents. AMED also provides professional EMS coverage for special events, visits schools to educate children about emergencies, and participates in community activities such as health fairs and community wellness programs.

AMED is located at 1012 7th Avenue in Altoona, and can reached at 814-943-8993.

Hollidaysburg American Legion Ambulance Service (HALAS)

The Hollidaysburg American Legion Ambulance Service, Inc. was founded in 1939. At this time the ambulance service consisted of 1 ambulance and 5 volunteers. The original ambulance service was located at 1100 Blair Street in Hollidaysburg. Existing EMS staff and equipment include:

•  24 hour EMS Service
•  Two Advanced Life Support crews
•  Cardiac monitors
•  Glucometers,
•  Suction units
•  Respiratory monitoring devices
•  Portable radios
•  Wheelchair van

HALAS has a mutual aid agreement with Duncansville Ambulance Service and AMED in Altoona. HALAS receives in excess of 4,000 annual calls, consisting of 1,500 non-emergency calls such as fire stand-by, inter-facility transport and hospital to hospital based transports.

HALAS is located at 801 Scotch Valley Road in Hollidaysburg, and can be reached at 814-695-1421.